Episode 2: Hyperbaric Oxygen Effect on the Inflammation Reaction

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Episode 2: Hyperbaric Oxygen Effect on the Inflammation Reaction

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On HBOT-in-Wound Care join Dr. Paul Harch and myself as we create and publish this podcast series to bring awareness of how Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment aids the body’s growth and repair systems. Dr. Harch explains the science behind HBOT and thereby shows us how this is “… the most simple, yet complex and elegant gene therapy known to man-kind.” -PGH M.D.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Physician Dr. Paul Harch continues the HBOT-in-Wound Care podcast series by explaining the inflammation reaction the body has to any injury and the benefits of this treatment.

Episode 2 Show notes

Did you know that every injury to your body causes an inflammation reaction? From a bump on the head to an automobile accident – the body’s damage control system is started, however too much inflammation of “swelling” can cause other problems and sometimes death.

On this episode of HBOT-in-Wound Care Dr. Paul Harch talks about the Hyperbaric oxygen therapy effect on the inflammation reaction in great detail so we can comprehend the science and benefit of HBOT.

Links and Highlights

Polymorphonuclear neutrophils

HBOT Sensible Notion

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is not limited by the science but reimbursement. The science demands that HBOT is beneficial to a much broader selection of conditions then the FDA’s chosen 13.

5 thoughts on “Episode 2: Hyperbaric Oxygen Effect on the Inflammation Reaction”

  1. These are fantastic podcasts with Dr. Harch, please keep them coming!

    I have a question that I’m hoping Dr. Harch may be able to answer in the upcoming podcast on HBOT and brain injury?

    It has been said hyperbaric oxygen therapy can increase stem cell production 8-fold. Is there any evidence that stem cells will become mature brain cells following HBOT in the treatment of brain injury and if so, would this account for any improvement in cognition, behaviour, motor function, etc.?

    1. I asked Dr Harch your question, here is his response:
      “HBOT is known to cause the release of stem cells from the bone marrow to the circulation. It is also known that stem cells can enter the brain from the circulation (this is known from transplant and transfusion experience). There is very little published experience with HBOT in chronic brain injury in animals, however, HBOT is known to increase stem cells in acute brain injury models. In my chronic brain injury study in animals we demonstrated increased blood vessel density with HBOT. One of the references in the study was an animal study that showed that when new blood vessels sprout from stem cells in the brain each stem cell simultaneously produces a new neuron. So, in answer to your question we have indirect evidence that HBOT may be stimulating existing stem cells in the brain to mature to neurons in chronic brain injury and a lot of evidence that HBOT is stimulating brain stem cells to increase in acute brain injury. The presumption is that these stem cells mature to neurons and improve function. It is hard to explain the improved neurological outcomes by any other mechanism than tissue growth (which involves stem cells). I have made and identified HBOT as a trophic treatment in multiple publications and no peer reviewer has objected or stricken these statements. Go purchase my chapter on HBOT in Global Ischemia/Anoxia/Coma from the 6th Edition of the Textbook of Hyperbaric Medicine, edited by K.K. Jain (Springer publishers). I have assembled all of the literature on this subject and you will be able to see the number of studies that measured stem cells.” P G Harch, MD

      I hope this detailed response answered your question satisfactorily. More Dr Harch, HBOT podcasts are currently being produced & edited by Ed Lucarini.


      Juliette RN

      1. Thanks for replying to my question, I’ve had HBOT for my old TBI and know it helps. I asked my neurologist about it and she said it would be a waste of money, but she hadn’t read the ‘oxygen revolution’. Every so often, about once a year, I have some more and I become less disabled every time, I’ve had over 200 in total. I don’t think there’s a limit to how much it can improve you as plasticity is continuous throughout one’s life and it gets a big boost with HBOT. I was curious how it could be still helping after so many years and HBOT treatments as surely the injury would’ve healed by now, neurogenesis may well be one of the explanations.

  2. 3rd Edition:The Oxygen Revolution
    He clearly explains the science of how & why HBOT works. Some HBOT clinics buy them by the case & give to the patients. Thank you for expressing an interest in HBOT for TBI & PTSD. Dr Harch has been treating all different types of brain injury & neuro disorders with HBOT since 1989. Sincerely, Juliette RN

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